I'm trying to create my categories as follows

For Available Product Listing Sort By I want the Use All Available Attributes checkbox to be checked

For Default Product Listing Sort By I want the Use Config Settings to be checked.

So I want it to be like this. (It's in dutch my apologies) enter image description here

I already tried to create it like this

"available_sort_by"=new string[] {"false"}

I read somewhere that that should fix it but it didn't I also tried to leave it empty like this but that didn't work either "available_sort_by"=new string[] {""} "default_sort_by"=""

I hope someone can help me out on how to fix this. Because it's really a pain in the ass when you import 70+ categories and you need to check those boxes for every single one...

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You probably figured this out by now, but for anyone else looking, I used it like this:

"available_sort_by" => array()

and it worked just fine for Magento 1.9

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