I make a new module which is a simply form, but i can not write into the ddbb, because (i think) can not find the model. I have this code in controllers/IndexController.php:

public function createPersonAction() {
    $data = $this->getRequest()->getPost();
    $session = Mage::getSingleton('core/session');
    $landing = Mage::getModel('landing/landing');
    $landing->setData('name', $data['name']);
    $landing->setData('apellido1', $data['apellido1']);
    $landing->setData('apellido2', $data['apellido2']);
    $landing->setData('email', $data['email']);
    $landing->setData('telefono', $data['telefono']);
    $session->addSuccess('Add a person sucessfully');
  }catch(Exception $e){
    $session->addError('Add Error');

But i have this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function setData() on boolean in \app\code\local\LP\Landing\controllers\IndexController.php on line 28

(Line 28 is --> $landing->setData('name', $data['name']);)

I have all the needed files, this is my tree:


Help please.


It looks like you might have a problem in your module's config.xml file.

It should look something like this:


You'll obviously need to change the <table>lp_landing_db_tablename</table> table name to whatever you specified in your LP/Landing/sql/lp_landing_setup/mysql4-install-0.1.0.php file.

You also may need to rename your install file from mysql4-install-0.1.0.php to install-0.1.0.php for Magento to properly run the setup script.


Yes, great!

The lines that declared the table of the database were missing


Thank you very much.

  • No problem. I'm glad you're back on track. – duttyman Feb 10 '17 at 12:14

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