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I want to remove some Fields in shipping and billing addresses in the checkout page in magento 1.

like: company , middle name , region , fax , ZIP code....

How can I do It using programatically.

magento 1.9.2

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    System -> Configuration -> CUSTOMERS -> Customer Configuration ->Name and Address Options change setting – Gopal Patel Feb 9 '17 at 11:59

You need to development a module and create a system.xml file and put the on/off options which you want to disable in the checkout page.

See the following answer

how to remove zip postal code and country from checkout form

Its may be help for you.


You cannot remove zipcode as these are mandatory fields by default.

For other field, You can do it by commentating the corresponding phtml file in your theme.

For company, region, fax comment corresponding fields in the file template\checkout\onepage\billing.phtml

For middle name comment corresponding fields in the file template\persistent\checkout\onepage\billing.phtml

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