I need to add several different flat rate shipping methods to Magento. First, I need a way to offer flat rates for standard and express shipping methods (carrier independent). Secondly, I need to charge a flat handling fee per-item, with the option to charge an extra fee per each additional item.

For example, I want to charge a customer $1 for standard shipping on an order. Then I want to tack on a $10 handling fee for specific items, and $5 for each additional specific item - let's say the item is a jar of jellybeans.

If a customer orders a candy bar and two jars of jellybeans, I want to charge $1 for standard flat-rate shipping, plus $10 for the first jar and $5 for the other jar. So the total shipping and handling charge would be $16.

(Sorry, I know this may sound confusing.)

Can anyone please tell me how I can achieve this in Magento, or recommend an extension that will help me with this?



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have you looked into webshopapps matrixrate extension?

It is very versatile, and there is a free version. Paid for versions exist that has even more ability.

I use both paid and free on different sites, and been very happy with this module.

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