My website run with the version 2.1.2 I created two views. one for switzerland and one other for France.

So, i would like to get two VAT different. 8% for switzerland and 20% for France.

But impossible to Put in place this rules. However i created my taxe in Stores > Zones and tax rates. And my rule in System in Stores > Tax rules.

Then, In Stores > Configuration > Sales > Taxes i changed the default country for each views in Estimated default tax.

Nothing there does not work. Regardless of the view, the rate is maintained at 8%.

I know what to do, I tried everything.Hoping someone would have an idea? Thanks

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Go to Sales->VAT->Manage tax rules and Create Rule vat

Its works for me..

  • yes, i created a rule but i have the problem too.
    – strauss
    Feb 7, 2017 at 10:22

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