i already know how to add new field to shipping address form in checkout, but i need to modify the behavior of some fields. For example:

  • there is a checkbox "Deliver to Packing station";
  • if checkbox is selected, "street" fields becomes hidden and not required, but 2 new fields ("Packing station #" and "Post #") becomes visible and required.

I completely stuck with that. I'm not very familiar with knockout, just have read some lessons on it. Any help/ideas? (except "go learn knockout.js" :))


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Found solution, here is an example:

], function (AbstractField) {
    'use strict';

    return AbstractField.extend({
        defaults: {
            modules: {
                packing_station_nr: '${ $.parentName }.packing_station_nr',
                post_nr: '${ $.parentName }.post_nr'

        onCheckedChanged: function () {


P.S. this code only toggles fields visibility. Make fields required by default. If field is not visible, validator skips it's validation.

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