If in some product price varies based on weight like kiranaman.com or truemart.in > grocery having an option for display weight, so like same way anyone please suggest me how this works for my store. I'm using Magento version. Please find out the URLs and image

Display Weight Actual Weight Price Spl. Price 20 Lb (9.08 Kg) 20 Lb $15.99
10 Lb (4.54 Kg) 10 Lb $8.99 $8.49 5 Lb (2.27 Kg) 5 Lb $5.99
2 Lb (908 g) 2 Lb $2.99
1 Lb (454 g) 1 Lb $1.49
enter image description here

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Do your variants (in your case, the various weight options) have differnt SKUs? If you have different SKUs, you should go for configurable products. If you just have a different price depending on the selected weight but still the same SKU, you should go for products options instead.

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