I'm interested in getting frontend input strings. I understand that there are better ways other than checking for the "frontend_input" key, but I'm wanting a proof of concept. Here's my code:

$attributesForUpload = [];
$collection = $this->_filter->getCollection($this->_collectionFactory->create());
foreach ($collection->getItems() as $product) {
   $productId = $product->getId();
   $attributes = $product->getAttributes();
   foreach ($attributes as $attribute) {
       $data = $attribute->getData();
       if (isset($data['frontend_input'])) {
           if ($data['frontend_input'] === 'text' || $data['frontend_input'] === 'textarea') {
               $attributeCode = $data['attribute_code'];
               $translatableValue = $product->getData($attributeCode);
               $attributesForUpload[$productId][$attributeCode] = $translatableValue;

Among others, product name, description, and short description are all null. Only the SKU is being returned. I'm wondering why this is since I specifically save them in the UI; I'm sure I'm missing something simple.

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Try replace this


with this


It turns out that the product maybe wasn't really the full product. I had to inject an \Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductRepository object into my constructor and call:

$theProduct = $this->_productRepository->getById($productId);

Then the attributes weren't null anymore.


If you want to get a product custom attribute you can access it like this:

/** @var $product \Magento\Catalog\Api\Data\ProductInterface */
$product = $this->_productRepository->getById($productId);

$myCustomAttribute = $product->getCustomAttribute('my_custom_attribute')->getValue();

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