As an example - currency config. I setup currency configuration on a website, the currency setup for a store view is set "Use Website". But it shows the config from a default.

The same happens with other settings as well.

Question: Am i missing some setting?


Website - Store - Store view

  • Sweden
    • Sweden
      • Svenska
      • English
  • Finland
    • Finland
      • English

Currency setup

1) Catalog Price Scope (Stores -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Catalog -> Price)

Catalog Price Scope = website

2) Currency Setup (Stores -> Configuration -> General -> Currency Setup)

  • Default Config: Base Currency = SEK, Default Display Currency = SEK, Allowed Currencies = SEK, EUR
  • Sweden(Website): Base Currency = SEK, Default Display Currency = SEK, Allowed Currencies = SEK
  • Finland(Website): Base Currency = EUR, Default Display Currency = EUR, Allowed Currencies = EUR

enter image description here

Result: In Finland-English store view the currency is SEK

enter image description here

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Described behavior is correct and on Store View level you must see values from Website level. I've checked that behavior on latest develop branch and it is as expected.

Here is my configuration:

Website enter image description here

Store View enter image description here

core_config_data enter image description here

There is a bug on 2.1.3 which already fixed in develop.

There is GitHub issue connected to this bug #7943 and link to commit with fix in the comments.


The reason was a bug in Magento 2.1.3 - #7840

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