1. Does the browser window need to remain open when re-indexing from the admin panel? i.e. once I start the re-index process, what happens if the browser window is closed. I am guessing re-indexing would continue as normal in the background, but can you confirm one way or the other?

  2. If that is the case, i.e. re-indexing continues, then how do we know when re-indexing is completed (as we had closed that particular window in which we started the re-indexing process)?



It depends when you close your browser ^^

If the page that is supposed to reindex has been reached and the reindex process has kicked in, then you can close the browser because it's the server that handles the reindexing process and not the client.

If you close the browser right after clicking the reindex button then chances are that the reindexing process has not been trigerred and thus, the reindexing process will not work.

Regarding the second question, you can use the shell to get the status of each index:

php -f shell/indexer.php info
php -f shell/indexer.php --status <indexer>

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