I am trying to add column existing table sales_flat_order but it's returning an error

Can't retrieve entity config: sales/sales_flat_order

my code is:

 //@var $installer Mage_Sales_Model_Entity_Setup
$installer = $this;
ALTER TABLE `{$installer->getTable('sales/sales_flat_order')}` ADD `giftwrap` SMALLINT NULL;
ALTER TABLE `{$installer->getTable('sales/sales_flat_order')}` ADD `giftwrap_price` DECIMAIL(12,5) NULL;

can I know where I went wrong?



sales_flat_order is the full name of the table and you should use alias in $installer->getTable()

If you take a look in app\code\core\Mage\Sales\etc\config.xml there is table definition


So $installer->getTable() should get parameter module_alias/table_alias.

In your case

module_alias = sales

table_alias = order


As a result it will return table name sales_flat_order.

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