i have used System > Configuration > email field

i need to comma-separated validation.

we can validate single email with the help of validate-email but i need to use in comma separated fields.

enter image description here

any solution for system configuration comma-separated email validation ?


You can add custom validation class like below in your js file

Validation.add('validate-comma-separated-emails', 'Please enter a valid email address.', function(emaillist) {
    emaillist = emaillist.trim();
    if(emaillist.charAt(0) == ',' || emaillist.charAt(emaillist.length - 1) == ','){ return false; }
    var emails = emaillist.split(',');
    var invalidEmails = [];
    for (i = 0; i < emails.length; i++) { 
    var v = emails[i].trim();
        if(!Validation.get('validate-email').test(v)) {
    if(invalidEmails.length){ return false; }
    return true;

Now use validate-comma-separated-emails in your text field. Tested with magento admin panel, Output: enter image description here

  • thanks for your quick response, but one suggestion i need to check should not enter first character as comma or last character as comma. – denish vachhani Jan 30 '17 at 11:36
  • @denish , updated code. please check. – Jaimin Sutariya Jan 30 '17 at 12:25
  • thanks for your help, i will accept your answer. just need one small help. if i will add space in last this is not work for last or first character comma validation. – denish vachhani Jan 31 '17 at 3:12
  • @denishvachhani, You just have to trim the email lists. updated code. please check. – Jaimin Sutariya Jan 31 '17 at 6:01

You should be able to create own validation via js.


Anyway I found some solutions :) :
Using ajax validation for system configuration fields


  • thanks for help, but i need multiple email validation with comma separated. i have seen your links which only gives single email validation which not appropriate in my questions. Thanks again for your reply and valuable time. – denish vachhani Jan 31 '17 at 3:20

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