I need to be able to retrieve the Special Price of a product.

I can successfully retrieve products singly or as a list, but can only see a price property on the product object. I also cannot see anything like Special Price in the customAttributes or extensionAttributes.

In Magento 1.x APIs, Special Price was a fixed property of a product. Has something changed in Magento 2?

I am working with the SOAP API, using the catalogProductRepositoryV1GetList and catalogProductRepositoryV1Get methods of the catalogProductRepositoryV1 service, but if you can explain wrt to REST API, I can translate.

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The solution in my case was this (I don't know if this is the only solution):

The Magento provider I was working with had to make an update to the products API such that the special price was exposed as a "custom attribute". Then the special price could be retrieved and submitted as an attribute.

Example snippet of JSON: { sku :567687978083535, custom_attributes : { special_price:333 } }

I don't know what changes were made on the Magento side to accomplish this, sorry.

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