I know question has been asked alot, but none of suggestions work for me.

I migrated files and database to my localhost (Windows/Xampp)

The front-end of the site is working fine, but I cant log in to admin part due to this invalid form key.

I tried all the options, I could find in other posts which are:

  • deleting web/cookie/cookie_domain and web/cookie/cookie_path records in db
  • clear Magento cache files
  • clear browser cache
  • try other browsers
  • editing session_set_cookie_params()
  • adding php_value max_input_vars 75000 to php.ini

What else can I try to get into the admin panel?

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It turned out, the timezone set in the database, didn't match the timezone in the config.xml.

the db record was in core_config_data with path general/locale/timezone in config.xml it was inbetween <timezone></timezone>

Making sure both were set to the same values solved my problem

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