I have added my script as follows in template :

<script type="text/x-magento-init">
            "baseUrl": "<?php echo $quickshopHelper->getBaseUrl() ?>",
            "qsLabel": "<?php echo $quickshopHelper->getQuickShopLabel() ?>",
            "itemClass": "<?php echo (!empty($itemClass))?$itemClass:"" ?>",
            "target": "<?php echo (!empty($target))?$target:".product-item-info"; ?>",
            "autoAddButtons":<?php echo ($autoAddButtons==1)?"true":"false" ?>

I have called the template in default.xml cause I want it everywhere in frontend. Its working fine on page load but on certain pages when ajax call is made, my script doesn't work. I tried on the same template to trigger mage using below code but it's not working.

], function ($) {


And yes the selector is in another module and not my template. I have almost referred everything I could find related to this declarative notation but could not find the solution yet.

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