When I login to the admin panel, only header is displaying with menu. All the menu items are visible and every page shows only header section( footer is not showing too).

I checked the log files too..and there is nothing.

Can anyone help me ?


Try to check view page source, there should be fatal error in footer as fatal error stop the further execution and that's why footer section is not displaying.

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    I checked the page source and is no error.. – Rose Jan 27 '17 at 7:46
  • check div section like header, container, footer are loaded properly or not – Prasanta Hatui Jan 27 '17 at 7:54
  • header is completely loaded and and in body section <div class="header"> is completely loaded. After that nothing is loaded. – Rose Jan 27 '17 at 8:24
  • send screenshot of a page. – Prasanta Hatui Jan 27 '17 at 9:26
  • The problem is fixed...created a new instance in server and moved all files to there. – Rose Jan 27 '17 at 10:48

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