I have read the following solutions, but all of these seems not to work for my case:

New order email confirmation not being sent

Magento 1.9.2 not sending new order confirmation emails

New Order Email Notification not working

My problem is, all of my transactional e-mails are being sent out, EXCEPT, the NEW ORDER e-mail.

My cron is also working properly.

I have disabled all 3rd party modules as well, but the "new order" email is not being sent. All the rest of the e-mails like invoice, shipping, order updates, are being sent. The only problem is the new order e-mail.

I hope somebody here encountered the same problem.

  • What do you see in the database table "core_email_queue" ?
    – BlueC
    Commented Jan 26, 2017 at 22:08

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If cron is running properly, you can check the following issues

  • check the database tables core_email_queue and core_email_queue_recipients where data are inserted or not.
  • if not check the log files if there is any error related to email. You can create separate log file to check the function queueNewOrderEmail is calling or not by placing the below code in it.

    Mage::log("this is executed by order no:- ".$this->getId().", null, 'email.log');

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