What are the things we should note , if the Development of Magento modules in WAMP environment and the Production is LAMP environment,

Whenever i deploy the modules in linux , i got the problems related to the case sensitive of file names.

Please notify some common best practices , to avoid server compatibility problems for magento modules.


the only thing you should pay attention to is not having class names with uppercase letters inside the class path.
This works on both: Namespace_Module_Model_Classname.
This may fail on linux: Namespace_Module_Model_ClassName.

If you instantiate the class mentioned above as Mage::getModel('module/classname') it works on both Linux and Windows if you declare the class like the first option.
If you declare the class like the second option presented you should instantiate it Mage::getModel('module/className') to make sure it works on both OS. But you can easily make a mistake and not realize because on Windows it will work with Mage::getModel('module/classname').

So the main idea is to avoid as much as possible uppercase letters inside the class names. Only at the beginning or right after an underscore.

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