Is there any way to create tax rule based on cart total product unit price? I need to implement New York 4% state tax for purchase price over $110. Thanks.

A little clarification. Tax should be apply based on unit price, not total price.


Out of the box Magento does not provide the ability to apply a tax rate based on the cart total. You would need to handle this programmatically or use a third-party sales tax extension with support for product taxability / exemptions in New York.

  • Yes, I see that it should be done with custom module, but I can't find magento function that needs to be changed – Anna Jan 26 '17 at 8:09
class TaxCalculation implements TaxCalculationInterface
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function calculateTax(
        \Magento\Tax\Api\Data\QuoteDetailsInterface $quoteDetails,
        $storeId = null,
        $round = true
    ) {
// step1 : From quote details get cart total without tax.
// if less then 110 set tax amount to 0


In short function stated above should be modified( By override or plugin) and you will get the required result.

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