My html directory is becoming bloated so I am trying to reorganize the files. I have a few scripts that I have running on a cron job and I want to move them out of the html directory.

For example:

cronjob: php /chroot/home/mydomain/html/restock.php



my script


What I would like is a directory called 'myscripts' or similar and have all my scripts sitting in there. My question is what is the best practice for this and also how would I modify my php scripts and cronjob???

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require_once 'abstract.php';

class Mage_Shell_Restock extends Mage_Shell_Abstract {       
    protected $_stock;
    public function run()
        if(true) {          
            //process your logic
        } else {
            echo $this->usageHelp();

     * Retrieve Usage Help Message
    public function usageHelp()
        return <<<USAGE
Usage:  php -f restock.php -- [options]  
  help              This help

$shell = new Mage_Shell_Restock();

You will find shell directory in magento root. place this file in shell directory.

Add add file in crontab via cpanel or run via ssh.

php /chroot/home/mydomain/shell/whateverfilename.php

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