I need to add a bundle product in cart via REST API.

Is there any sample code by which I can pass only SKU code and bundle product will add into cart.

Please help me in this.

  • Hi, any news about this question? Did you find any solution? Thanks! – Lorenzo S Mar 21 '17 at 10:55

In case you still need it.

Let's assume that our bundle is identified by the SKU "bundle01" and ID 123.

First of all, let's take some information from the product:

GET /products/bundle01?searchCriteria

and take note of the "extension_attributes" --> "bundle_product_options" section, particularly to the option_idfields related to your products. And take not of all the product_links --> id values related to the product.

Let's assume that we have 3 products in the bundle, with option_id 643, 644, 645 and id 704,705,706 respectively.

With all these information, here's the body to add a bundle product to your cart:

"cart_item": {
    "quote_id": <quote_id>,
    "sku": "bundle-01",
    "qty": 1,
    "product_option": {
    "extension_attributes": {
        "bundle_options": [{
            "option_id": 643,
            "option_qty": 1,
            "option_selections": [704]
            }, {
            "option_id": 644,
            "option_qty": 1,
            "option_selections": [705]
            }, {
            "option_id": 645,
            "option_qty": 1,
            "option_selections": [706]

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