i have setup a fresh Magento 2.1.3 installation and i made all the required settings in the admin panel (incl. a new store and storeview). Now i want to transfer the categories and the product data from the old Magento 1.9 installation. Nothing else, only this data.

Is there a way to configure the data migration tool in this way? Any help would be appreciated...

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In fact, migrate data (especially the "Map Step" where categories and products are transferred) always totally messed up my M2 installation. After that always a bunch of errors occured.

Finally i managed it this way (maybe interesting for somebody else):

  • Clean installation Magento 2 + migration tool
  • DB backup
  • Migrate settings
  • Migrate data (complete; all steps)
  • Export products in CSV
  • Restore DB backup
  • Migrate settings (with -r argument)
  • Fix all errors in CSV file
  • Import products
  • Done

Now there is a proper Magento 2 base without any old filthy data and with all categories and products, voi­la...


Have you checked the "steps" inside the config.xml already ? There are various steps you can simply comment-out and/or delete.

  • OK, as i understand i have to run "bin/magento migrate:data" only. OK, but wich steps under <steps mode="data"> are required to migrate the categories and products? There are some steps i'm not sure about: "Data Integrity Step", "EAV Step", "Map Step", "Ratings Step", "ConfigurablePrices step", "Tier Price Step", "SalesIncrement Step", "PostProcessing Step". Could you please explain which steps i must keep at minimum? Jan 23, 2017 at 18:00

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