I was wondering if there is a mechanism to set the order of Magento extension installations. I created a custom module which has an install script. That install script checks default's store category, but the problem is that Magento tries to install this custom extension before Catalog. Is there a way to set the installation order? I tried with <depends><Mage_Catalog/><Mage_Core/></depends> in extension xml file but that didn't work. One option is to install clean Magento first, and then my custom extension by setting <active>true</active>, but I would like to make it automatically. Thanks...

  • Another solution is to make it in a data-upgrade script. Commented Nov 10, 2016 at 17:11

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Keep <depends><Mage_Catalog/><Mage_Core/></depends> in extension definition xml.

Also move your checks default's store category into install-upgrade script. Which should be run after install scripts.

Also you can read this article about install, install-upgrade, data and data-upgrade scripts.

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