I'd like to know if its possible to manually disable a module by changing some code like in Magento 1. I know the SSH way.

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    Go to app/etc/config.php and disable a module by changing it's value from 1 to 0. Jan 22, 2017 at 3:34

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You can always use CLI command for managing modules.

Disable module:

$ bin/magento module:disable Vendor_ModuleName

Enable module:

  $ bin/magento module:enable Vendor_ModuleName

And you can check status of all modules:

$ bin/magento module:status

It is useful to build a habit of controlling your installation via bin/magento. Also it will help to avoid any new features introduced for module commands.


In order disable a module manually, you need to do some changes at app/etc/config.php

In this file, magento save value flag value 0 or 1 of each module.

  • 1 means Modules is enabled
  • 0 Means Modules is disabled

As , you want to disable the module then you need change it value to 0.

Then go to var folder and clear cache,page_cache folder.


Suppose.your config.php look like

return array (
  'modules' => 
    'Magento_CheckoutAgreements' => 1,
    'Magento_Payment' => 1,
    'Magento_SampleData' => 1,
    'Magento_CmsUrlRewrite' => 1,
    'Magento_Config' => 1,
    'Magento_ConfigurableImportExport' => 1,
    'Magento_Downloadable' => 1,
    'Magento_Wishlist' => 1,

Then you want to disable then you need make 'Magento_CheckoutAgreements' => 1, to 'Magento_CheckoutAgreements' => 0,

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