I am looking to figure out a solution for mass uploading configurable products on magento. I have been reading around and people have mentioned using magmi but I wanted to know if there is a simple solution out there. I have also been looking to see if there are any threads explaining this.

Here is an example: enter image description here

In this picture you can see that every sku has the same configuration (conf 1, conf 2 and conf 3) but for each product those configuration values are different prices. Meaning all products have their own unique prices. I have been trying to find people on freelancer for help and asking around various websites but I am pretty desperate for a solution as I have over 250,000 skus that are configurable.


Of Course, one of the best solution for mass uploading configurable products on Magento is MAGMI (Magento Mass Importer). Though MAGMI is not a module for Magento but works separately. It uses direct SQ to manipulate data and comprises various nice re-indexing features.

MAGMI is completely free indeed!

Here are some important threads and documents which might help you to know more about this.

Download Link


Wiki Page


Installation and Configuring Tips


Some Pros and Cons


An article admiring the project


  • Thanks for your response. Do you happen to know about a sample .csv with all the required columns and headings for a magento configurable product database upload?
    – eri
    Jan 23 '17 at 18:27

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