This is my SOAP client code:

$client = new SoapClient('mybaseurl/api/v2_soap?wsdl=1');
$session = $client->login('myuser','mypass');
$filter = array('filter' => array(array('key' => 'status', 'value' => 'processing')));
$results = $client->salesOrderList($session, $filter);

This returns me a list of orders with the processing status. But I want to get all of the orders made from the last 24 hours or 48 hours . How can i filter this ?

I tried smth like this:

$fromDate = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', strtotime('-1 days'));
$todayDate = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
$filter = array('filter' => array(array('key' => 'created_tat', 'value' => array('from'=>$fromDate, 'to'=>$todayDate))));

But i got this message: Array to string conversion. Any idea ?

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You need to convert $fromdate and $todayDate variable format, that fetch record from order table.

$fromDate = date('Y-m-d'. ' 00:00:00', strtotime('-1 days'));
$todayDate = date('Y-m-d'. ' 00:00:00');

Then try in this way,

$filter = array('complex_filter'=>  array('key'=>'created_at','value'=>array('key' =>'gteq','value' => $fromDate)),
                            array('key'=>'created_at','value'=>array('key' =>'lteq','value' => $todayDate)),);

$results = $client->salesOrderList((object)array('sessionId' => $session, 'filters' => $filter));   

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