I'm almost finishing my store, but there's a problem who's blowing my mind. I use magento and Porto theme 2.4.4

My checkout don't show information about subtotals, discount, shipping... everything works fine, all the payment methods process the cost correctly, but it's not showing in checkout. I'm uploading some images to show you.

1) in cart


2) in normal checkout


3) in one page checkout


i already tried to disable my theme and use magento rwd, but the problem persists. Someone can help me? The address is lojateste.veganis.com.br


kindly try this - enter image description here In the admin Panel go to System->configuration->Sales->Tax Below is the Image to show labels.

  • thank you for try to help @Khushbu-sipl , but my tax configuration section is the same you show me now. – Kim Tiago Baptista Jan 20 '17 at 5:31

I found the solution thanks to Khushbu_sipl who gave me a light, i remembered i turned off the module Mage_Tax, after enable it, everything went back to normal.

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