I have configurable product added, sku KudosConfig. I have added an attributes called kudos_size and kudos_colour which have values of Small, Medium, Large and Green, Pink, Orange respectively. The next step, I thought, was to add the 9 simple products with appropriate attribute value set for both kudos_size and kudos_colour. To do this I am using the following request:

   PUT https://example.com/rest/V1/products/KudosConfigGreenSmall

The body of the request is:

    "sku":"KudosConfigGreenSmall ",
    "name":"Kudos Configurable Green Small",

This however returns a http 400 bad request response with message:

Error occurred during "custom_attributes" processing. Attribute "kudos_colour" has invalid value. Invalid type for value: "Green". Expected Type: "int".

I don't understand why it is expecting an integer, all the values in the setup are strings.

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I think I understand now. Instead of passing the actual value you need to pass in the value id which you can get from the catalogProductAttributeOptionManagementV1 service. Have tried this and now working.

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