What do I need to know to compare Server side and client side compilation mode on my Magento 2 store? This config is on Store > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > Frontend Development Workflow.

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Server-Side compilation

Server-side compilation is the default choice, used for first time compilation after setup and for production mode.


  • Slow

  • Global recompile

  • Need to delete static files before each run


  • No additional setup required

  • Works on server side

Client-Side compilation

Client-side compilation with Javascript is optional and is used to quickly preview changes and to debug small issues.


  • Annoying blinking before styles compile

  • Global recompile


  • No need for additional setup, can be switched in Admin area

  • Fast

  • From version 2.2.1-dev on virtual machine in developer mode - client-side breaks everything, $template becomes undefined in Renderer
    – treyBake
    Nov 17, 2017 at 12:06

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