When we export the sample of the basic CSV (Customers and Products) at the admin panel on Magento 2 all attributes are exported, whose are the basic attributes to put?


As recent as Magento 2.1.8, the default minimum required attributes for importing new products are:

  • sku
  • attribute_set_code
  • product_type
  • product_websites
  • name
  • product_online
  • tax_class_name
  • price

All of these attributes codes are listed in this tutorial https://www.alexcorradi.org/blog/a-guide-on-how-to-import-export-products-in-magento-2. The tutorial specifies quantity and weight for some reason but they are not actually required.

Additionally, you could always try to manually add a new product in Product-> Catalog and click Add Product. The required fields will have red asterisks next to them: Magento 2 required fields to add product


These are the native attributes requirements.

Customer basic required attributes:

  • Associate to Website (_website, _store and created_in)

  • Group (group_id)

  • First Name (firstname)

  • Last Name (lastname)

  • Email (email)

Products basic required attributes:

  • Product Name (name)

  • Price (price)

  • SKU (sku)

On Bundle include these.

  • Dynamic SKU (sky_type)

  • Dynamic Weight (weight_type)

  • Price View (price_view)

  • Dynamic Price (price_type)

  • Ship Bundle Items (shipment_type)

If you want a complete list you can go on System > Data Transfer > Import and select the Entity Type, well will show a sample CSV to download.

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