I want to add customer DOB field in billing address on checkout page, for this I have added below code :

<div class="field">
    <label for="billing:dob" class="required"><em>*</em><?php echo $this->__('Date Of Birth') ?></label>
    <div class="input-box">
        <input type="test" name="billing[dob]" id="billing:dob" value="<?php echo $this->escapeHtml($this->getAddress()->getDob()) ?>" title="<?php echo Mage::helper('core')->quoteEscape($this->__('Date Of Birth')) ?>" class="date-pick input-text validate-date required-entry" data-date-format="dd-mm-yyyy" />

On place order billing address saved in customer but not DOB.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any other way to do so?


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You can do it via back-end

Configuration → Customers → Cusotmers Configuration → Name and Address Options

Then make changes in : Show Date of Birth = Optional or required

Note : It will also enable DOB field in billing and customer account registration.

  • When I enable, it is showing in customer account but not on checkout page. Jan 13, 2017 at 7:25
  • I have checked it on my store Magento ver. and it's showing there please revert back your changes if you have made. Then check it
    – Arunendra
    Jan 13, 2017 at 7:26
  • I removed billing.phtml from my theme but still not showing. Jan 13, 2017 at 7:31
  • Please clear your cache as well as
    – Arunendra
    Jan 13, 2017 at 7:33
  • I cleared cache, but still not showing, And when I tried with my code (as in question) also not saving value in attribute. Jan 13, 2017 at 9:26

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