Got two Questions actually sorry for that.

  1. I got varnish, when I turn the https:// SSL on, it goes super slow because varnish is not build for SSL, you can fix this by SSL termination, but no where you can find how to do this for centos 7, apache or nginx, simple explained

Somebody can help? Because customers of course like SSL, but so slow, I put SSL off for now

  1. Thereby what is the way to develop magento 2 shop in an different directory, so the main magento 2 shop in my case: www.takoda.shop stay always online

What I mean here is when I develop the shop often it is out of the air in maintenance or something like that, or when I compile, it's also out of the air, of course killing for customers, maybe never coming back

So I want a backup directory or something like that where I can develop and edit the magento 2 shop without harming the front shop, when everything works perfectly, than I update this shop to the main shop.

You got what I mean, or must i explain it more clearer?

I respect all the people who really care about helping and are much smarter and better than me in this parts!

Thank you very much


For your first question

In general you would do it like this: 1. Nginx (or other web server) for SSL termination 2. Varnish 3 Nginx (or other web server) to serve pages

For your second question

Once you have Varnish up, and you are doing a deployment many of the pages will be served from Varnish while you are doing a deployment. More robust solutions tend to be complex using blue/green deployments or build areas where you do all of the building (as you noted) and then copy over the generation and pub/static files.

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