I have created a custom collection factory. Now I want the sum of a column,how can I achieve it. Here is my code

$collection = $this->customFactory->create()->addFieldToFilter('status',2)  ->addFieldToFilter('customer_id',2)
->columns('SUM(total) AS total')
$collection = $this->customFactory->create()->addFieldToFilter('status',2)  ->addFieldToFilter('customer_id',2);

$collection->getSelect()->columns(['total' => new \Zend_Db_Expr('SUM(total)')])->group('customer_id');;

If it is a simple expression (as in this way) almost the same way as you add fields to select .... It is called expression field

$collection = $this->customFactory->create() ->addFieldToFilter('status',2) ->addFieldToFilter('customer_id',2) ->addExpressionFieldToSelect('this_is_total', 'SUM({{total}})', 'total');

and the group

$collection ->getSelect() ->group('customer_id');

if your expression is complex, use Rakesh's solution.

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