I Have a magento2 EE with a headless implementation. Hence I am using the rest/V1/cmsBlock/<id> to fetch the content which is added by admin (WYSIWYG).


I see the output like :

    <title>Pirates are Back!</title>
        <h2><img src="{{media url="wysiwyg/the-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean--172-Jack-Sparrow.jpg"}}" alt="Pirates are Back" width="387" height="259" /></h2>
    <creation_time>2017-01-09 16:03:20</creation_time>
    <update_time>2017-01-09 16:07:12</update_time>

Now my front-end does not really understand

{{media url="wysiwyg/the-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-Pop-172-Jack-Sparrow.jpg"}}

So now, how do I get the actual URL of the image instead of the variable. As a part of the XML response itself without overriding the API.

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