In magento admin dashboard, the order id displayed is of the form #10001011. In the URL, I can see something similar to


Note that order_id is 17 in the URL. How do I get that ID? what function in magento that will return the actual system id 17? I am trying to do some adjustment to an extension and for some reason it is using 17 instead of #10001011 to generate a download URL for the order.

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Like most entities in Magento, orders have two types of unique identifiers. There is the increment_id which is displayed to users as the Order ID and there is the entity_id also simply called ID. This entity_id is what you're seeing in the url. It is the primary key of the sales_flat_order table and generally used as the internal, private id.

$order->getId() should get you the internal entity_id, and $order->getIncrementId() should get you the Order ID you see in the Admin.


Order_id is the internal Magento order ID

Order increment ID is the ID which you communicate to your customer

To get what you want:

$order = Mage::getModel('sales/order')->load($orderid);
$Incrementid = $order->getIncrementId();

You can obtain the value from the URL through getRequest(). In this case:


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