I have developed one module for old magento versions and now I have developed the same module for Magento 2.

Now, I want to upload this magento 2 module in magento community. I have prepared the required zip file to be uploaded in magento community.

Can anyone help me to do this after this step?


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Magento have launched its Marketplace. You can upload your Magento 1 & Magento 2 Modules. Here are the steps

Create account at marketplace.Magento.com Fill out the basic account information Under My Products click on "Add" button to upload your Module

Magento marketplace has 3 steps verification

1st Step: Business review - takes 2-3 days Provide detail on why your module is unique and should be added on Marketplace

2nd Step: Upload Package for Technical Review

3rd Step: Provide Marketing Data - Marketing data includes , product images, content and demo information


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