We purchased the Shopper Approved package which basically asks the customers to leave a reference:

  1. The first "quick survey" should appear on the CONFIRMATION page after a customer places an order and if they fill it out - it gets posted to Google, Facebook and who knows where else. If they fill out this initial survey - they will also get the

  2. FULL survey by Email a few days later.

What I need to figure out is - How do I add the code they gave me to the page that comes up for the customer after they placed their order?

Updated on February 7th, 2019:

The path that worked for me in the end is:



Copy the PHTML-template


from the Magento core theme folder


to your own theme folder

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  • And then just paste the code they gave me to the success.phtml file? Any specific place where I need to put that in or anything special to keep in mind when doing this? Thanks! :-) – Allysin Jan 8 '17 at 18:22
  • Yes paste your code and if your that code want any further configuration like controller or anything then you have to change according @Allysin – Gopal Patel Jan 9 '17 at 5:55
  • I did that - I placed the code at the end of the "success.phtml" in /home/myaccount/public_html/app/design/frontend/smartwave/default/ but it does not seem to work. When I do CTRL+U to see the code on that page - it does not show the code! Any ideas? – Allysin Jan 11 '17 at 8:51
  • echo some random stuff in app/design/frontend/base/default/template/checkout/success.phtml file, if random stuff is showing in that file then just paste your code below that@Allysin – Gopal Patel Jan 11 '17 at 9:07
  • That is very smart! ;-) I did put an extra word in and also made one of the words capital (PRINT), then cleared my Cache and re-indexed, placed a test order but the changes did not reflect which must mean that this is NOT the correct path for the file...I am using the Magento PORTO theme on Magento I tried to do a search on Magento Porto and Shopper Approved but I can't find anything at all :-( The /home/myaccount/public_html/app/design/frontend/smartwave/default/success.phtml path seems logical to me but must not be correct...What do you think? :-* – Allysin Jan 11 '17 at 9:14

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