I am trying to configure accepted payment methods on my (first) Magento 2 website. I disabled "Check Money Order" and enabled "Bank transfer" and "Cash on Delivery" payments through the admin panel. However, the checkout page still displays only the Check/Money Order method (which I disabled). I have already:

  • flushed/disabled cache
  • deleted cached static content and preprocessed views
  • looked for conflicting settings in different scopes
  • switched back to Blank theme from my custom one
  • flushed browser cache

Nothing happens with the payment methods.

If it can be useful:

  • Magento (v. 2.1.3 CE) is currently in development mode (I don't know if this information may be useful).
  • Other than changing the payment methods, I also edited a few settings about taxes to have the catalog show prices with taxes included. This setting has not produced effects as well. I haven't investigated this issue as much as for the payment methods, anyway.

Am I missing any steps?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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I just solved the issue. I had been configuring payment methods at website scope (without other settings at view/global scopes). I tried changing settings at global scope and it worked.

I don't know if this is a bug or I am just missing a bit of knowledge about configuration scopes.

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