I'm trying to install magento 2.1 on the server and in the second step it presents this error: enter image description here

The data I am putting in is correct, but from this error. When I go through the command line, give me this information: enter image description here

How do I resolve this issue?

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The user "root" doesn't have permission to access your database from that IP. I recommend creating a user specifically for Magento.

Login to your mysql account or ask Linode support to reset your mysql root password to something you can access.

$ mysql -u root -h -p

Enter the password for your root user provided by Linode. Once logged in you'll see the mysql> prompt.

mysql> create database magento;

mysql> create user magento;

Based on your screen cap, I'd set your magento user up this way:

mysql> grant all on magento.* to 'magento'@'li1525-116.members.linode.com' identified by 'YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE';

(replace YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE with a more complex password.)

mysql> flush privileges;

mysql> quit

You should now be able to use the following credentials when setting up Magento:

Database Server Host:
Database Server Username: magento
Database Server Password: YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE (whatever you set this to)
Database Name: magento

I was using xampp in windows and tried installing magento 2.4 and faced the same error.

I noticed that the mysql is running in a different port (3307).

So in the magento install command I gave


Then it started working !

Hope this helps someone facing the same issue !

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