Downloaded and installed the Custom Export module from Connect, and works fine. However I want to add some include some more fields in the exported CSV.

Currently, the template CSV file looks like this:


I also want to include the shipping address customer name (because if they purchase as a Guest, the [customer.name] field is blank. The attributes I want to include are as below:

  • Shipping Customer Name (as mentioned)
  • Weight
  • Shipping Arrival Date
  • Order Value
  • Additional instructions / comments

These all seem to be the built-in Magento attributes and aren't visible or configurable in the Manage Attributes panel, which is understandable, but it does mean I can't easily find the code for these.

I've tried searching for a list of the standard built in attributes codes, but nothing helpful came up.

If anyone can tell me what codes I need to add, or give me a clue where I can find them, that would be seriously appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Anyway with a bit of trial and error i pretty much found what I was looking for. For other users reference, the extension is "Custom Export Order to CSV" by Lema 21.

The order.increment_id is a 2 part query - the "increment_id" part is the attribute and the "order" part seems to be the category of the attribute.

I was able to find out the other attributes I wanted by opening the MySQL database connected to Magento and pick out the attributes I wanted to include on the export. Once I had found the code for the shipping arrival date attribute for instance, I appended "order." to the beginning of the attribute to include the attribute value in the report. Some were a bit of trial and error as I had to test whether the prefix was "address.", "order.", "customer." or whatever.

Got there in the end and hope this helps someone else!

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