I am trying to display a customer's name after login (M2 version)

Question: How do I display a customer's name after login in Magento 2?

I see here it is a little more difficult: Customer name is not display after login in magento 2

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I customised to login logout and it is working well but I need customer name two thing I used for customised

1) link.php

2) authorization.phtml

I have such code in link.php:

if (false != $this->getTemplate()) {
     return parent::_toHtml();
     return '<div><a ' . $this->getLinkAttributes() . ' >' . $this->escapeHtml($this->getLabel()) . '</a></div>';
  • i need name of customer with this please help
    – dipak
    Oct 5, 2018 at 7:48

There are two way

  1. Using object manager into your phtml file:

    $objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();
    $customerSession = $objectManager->create('Magento\Customer\Model\Session');
    if ($customerSession->isLoggedIn()) {
        $customerSession->getCustomerId();  // get Customer Id
        echo $customerSession->getCustomer()->getName();  // get  Full Name
       echo $customerSession->getCustomer()->getEmail(); // get Email
  2. Construct customer session class into your relevant block and create a function to get Customer name. Then call your block function from your phtml file.

  • Awesome, thanks :) Mar 25, 2018 at 19:50
  • Method 1 may make website slow. Better to use the method 2
    – Ask Xah
    Aug 20, 2019 at 11:21

Use the below function in your helper file with Magento\Customer\Model\Session to get session object in $customerSession

public function getLoggedinCustomerName(){

            $customer = $this->_customerRepositoryInterface->getById($customerSession->getData('customer_id'));
            return $customer->getFirstname();
            return "Guest";

and in use it in your PHTML file

$customerName = $helper->getLoggedinCustomerName();
 <a href="<?php echo $block->getUrl('customer/account/'); ?>">
                <i class="fa fa-user" aria-hidden="true"></i>
                <span class="label"><?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo 'Hello '. $customerName; ?></span>
  • Using Helper is a better options. Good Answer
    – Ask Xah
    Aug 20, 2019 at 11:20
  • @AskBytes Use of helper classes are deprecated in 2.3 , Please opt for viewModel implementation . this is quite old answer . Please let me know if you need more info. Cheers !! Aug 21, 2019 at 5:09
  • Yes, i need a solution on viewmodel implementation.
    – Ask Xah
    Aug 21, 2019 at 6:46
  • Hi, Please share the viewModel implementation that will be greatly Appreciated.
    – Ask Xah
    Aug 21, 2019 at 8:22
  • @AskBytes please gave look at this article markshust.com/2019/03/13/… Aug 22, 2019 at 4:23

Php Block --

$customer =  $this->customerRepository->getById($this->customerSession->getCustomerId()); 

echo $block->getLayout()->createBlock('Magento\Customer\Block\Widget\Name')->setObject($customer)->toHtml()

Some case: Bug of Magento 2 when you turn on caches. You must reload customer sections when customer logged in. Check etc/sections.xml and customer-data.js you will know how to reload customer sections. Regards.

I will update related link later.

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