I have a problem with SEARCHING in a Magento store. When I reindexing catalogsearch_fulltext, proccess is not completed I'm waiting more than 2 days and not result. The search not working correctly - don't return results.

I cheched the folowing tables in mysql

catalogsearch_query - ~3 000 000 records

catalogsearch_fulltext - ~300 000 records

catalogsearch_result - ~127 000 000 records

Is it safe to clear them?

TRUNCATE catalogsearch_query;
TRUNCATE catalogsearch_fulltext;
TRUNCATE catalogsearch_result;

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Yes It safe to Truncate these tables

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It's safe to truncate it but if you had previously created synonyms or redirects you will loose them. Use

 DELETE FROM  `catalogsearch_query` WHERE  `synonym_for` IS NULL AND  `redirect` IS NULL` 

and this will only delete rows that don't have a value in them for synonym or redirect

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