After changing in Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer

Merge JavaScript Files = Yes
Merge CSS Files = Yes

My site is not browsing correctly.

I believe returning back to

Merge JavaScript Files = No
Merge CSS Files = No

may help but “Save Config” button is not working any more..

Through debug console I see issue with on-click with button id="id_5552aa811a9448075ead92b4a88ba8c2"

Please help

  • Careful when merging JS files, as you may get conflicts between jQuery and Prototype at times, as they both use "$" Jan 3, 2017 at 22:32

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If you are really desperate to undo/turn off the Javascript & CSS file merging, you can change the values directly in the database

Proceed with caution changing values directly on production databases.

Run the query below to locate the 2 rows where the config value is stored and change the values back to 0. Or you can just manually go to core_config_data and find rows with the following paths and set them to 0.

SQL Query: SELECT * FROM core_config_data WHERE path LIKE '%merge_%'

path column: dev/js/merge_files dev/css/merge_css_files

Screenshot of table: Sequel Pro

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