I want to check if an order was reordered, in other words if the reorder button was pressed from adminpanel.

I have the collection of orders:

foreach ($collection as $order) {
     // if $order->checkIfItWasReordered(){
     // do smth 

Is there any function or smth to check if an order was reordered ? Thx


There is a relation between order and re-order called relation_parent_id. You can check it by using following code.

  // do stuff


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  • Seems to be it and I didn't check it yet but when order is reordered from backend this column remains intact. So this wouldn't work. – revo Nov 5 '18 at 13:07

You need to do customization for that. You could add a flag in order table and could set that value when it a case of reorder.

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