I'm trying to update pricing for 2k+ items in our store.

The problem: When done with the import, each product is setting the wrong values for both:

  • "Apply MAP" - (defaulting to No)
  • "Display Actual Price" - (defaulting to In Cart)


This causes the prices to not show up on the front end. I want each product to use Use config for those fields. I didn't see a header for them (when exporting all products through Dataflow) so I'm unsure of what to do.

How can I set those fields to use config when importing with Magmi?


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you can add following columns to your CSV file while importing through Magmi/Magento dataflow.

  1. For Apply Map

    • msrp_enabled and value for this column for "Use Config" should be set to 2
  2. Display Actual Price

    • msrp_display_actual_price_type

and value for this column for "Use config" should be set to 4.

I have checked it's working for me.



Well I guess I overlooked something simple.

Since all products in our store use use config for the two aforementioned fields I can just select all products in the admin area and then chose Update Attributes (from which I can then select use config for those two fields).

Still .. I wish there was a way to specify this with Magmi/Dataflow and prevent this extra step.

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