I am looking for a way to all for custom currency validation using native magento validate.js

I have a form which allows users to add custom prices to a text field. I am using the following classes to validate the inputs:



The problem is the text field is pre-populated with the currency sign £ so will not pass validation.

I have tried to adapt the validate-currency-dollar class but the test still fails

Validation.add('validate-currency-dollar', 'Please enter a valid $ amount. For example $100.00.', function(v) {
    // [$]1[##][,###]+[.##]
    // [$]1###+[.##]
    // [$]0.##
    // [$].##
    return Validation.get('IsEmpty').test(v) ||  /^\$?\-?([1-9]{1}[0-9]{0,2}(\,[0-9]{3})*(\.[0-9]{0,2})?|[1-9]{1}\d*(\.[0-9]{0,2})?|0(\.[0-9]{0,2})?|(\.[0-9]{1,2})?)$/.test(v)

Has anyone done this before can share some advice please?

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I have changed a bit regular expression


Try it instead of standard ones.


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