I read many many stackechange threads and internet pages, and still do not get how to do such a simple task as using Javascript. I try my luck...

  • I use 3rd party jQuery Plugins (bxslider, modaal)
  • I have a app.js , that have to be loaded on each pages.

The result of what i have done, is that sometimes it works correctly, sometimes i have javascript errors "Jquery not defined" in modaal or bx, and following it, bx and modaal not defined in my app.

My require-config.js :

var config = {
    map: {
        '*': {
            "modaal": "js/vendor/modaal/dist/js/modaal",
            "bxslider": "js/vendor/bxslider-4/dist/jquery.bxslider",
            "app": "js/app",
    shim: {
        'modaal': {
            deps: ['jquery']
        'bxslider': {
            deps: ['jquery'],
            exports: '$.fn.bxSlider'
        'app': {
            deps: ['jquery', 'bxslider', 'modaal']
    deps: [
  • My app.js is surrounded by:

require(['jquery', 'jquery/ui','bxslider','modaal'], function($){ ... });

What do i miss ?

The very cool thing is that it works 70% of the time. It's probably a loading time pb, so dependencies are not ok...

It's getting me crazy to pass so much time on a so much simple task.

edit: i tried many things about the "exports" param of bxslider...


I tried everything to not modify my 3rd party librairies, because i find it simply ridiculous.

I had to surround theirs codes by

require(['jquery'], function($){ ... });

If someone has a cleaner functionnal option 100% of the time, i'm all hear...

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