i've been patching a M installation with the security patch 8788 and since then the image uploader in the catalog/product page is not working anymore


browse and upload buttons DO show up but when i select an image from my filesystem and upload it, i can't see the image preview in the images table

enter image description here .


i can confirm the file is being uploaded under media/tmp/catalog/product but it doesn't show in the admin as a result if i save the product, obviously, the image doesn't save and is not moved to the regular media/catalog folder


i have already been cleaning caches, reindexing, changing to the default theme, checking for the lib/uploader/flow.min.js + fusty-flow.js + fusty-flow-factory.js + instance.js files to be used instead of the swf flash files, so i also checked the obsolete flash component wasn't used anymore ...but nothing

i tried disabling all custom modules with no effect

file permissions under lib/Varien/File/Uploader.php at line 219 are already 0666 and 0777 at line 541


is that in a M patched installation, where the js uploader regularly works, the buttons show up on the right side, while here they show up on the left and the layout seems to be a little messed up

yesterday i started debugging the js but im not very skilled on that...any help? thanks in advance

  • SOLVED: this was due to an "unclean" application of the 8788 patch; i compared some files with another Magento installation with the patch working and found that some changes did not apply, so i manually applied them. Be careful if you use git for deploying patch applications through multiple environments – Andy Jan 19 '17 at 10:21
  • I know this was a long time ago but any idea what changes you had to apply manually ? I am having the exact same issue on a couple of sites and it is driving me nutty. – Jon Holland Nov 7 '17 at 12:40
  • eventually got it working myself. Applying the 8778v2 patch after the 6285v2 worked. – Jon Holland Nov 7 '17 at 13:25

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