Hi for some reason I cannot delete the var/cache folder. Because of it I cannot switch between production > developer mode. When I do get the following:

"The directory "fullurl/var/cache/" cannot be deleted Warning!rmdir(fullurl/var/cache/): Device or resource busy

I tried commands:

umount /var/cache > not permitted  

rm -rf var/cache/ > Device or Resource busy.

  • Does your user have access to said folder? Dec 27 '16 at 15:53
  • This is more of server issue than a Magento one, you likely have a process using the directory. Have you tried to lsof +D var/cache to find out what process this might be? Dec 27 '16 at 19:11
  • Run below command to remove the var/cache folder:

    rm -rf ./var/cache/*

  • Also use this command to remove the pub static.

    rm -rf ./pub/static/*

After run upgrade and deployment command to re-generate that folders.


Try above steps,

Step 1. Give "read-write(recursive)" permission specially to var folder.

Step 2. See that files in /var/report folder are readable

Step 3. Then apply "Delete" on the cache folder


This is probably the cache folder being mounted in tmpfs - which is one of the recommended speed boosts for magento - you had it right to umount it - but you need to find it first, issue:

df -h

Sample cropped output:

none                     2.0G     0  2.0G   0% /home/magentolive/public_html/var/cache

then copy/paste the cache path for umount something like this:

# umount /home/magento/public_html/var/cache

most likely as root - may need to contact you sysadmin and explain. The script should run -- ah but it's not over! need to

mkdir -p /home/magento/public_html/var/cache
otherwise it isn't there to delete. what a cruddy script. just delete the contents of the folder!

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