Is there any possiblity to build custom order summary form in emails?

I'd like to build custom table which I can style as needed since editing files in Magento_Sales/templates/email/* doesn't have much effect.

Or how could I at least edit Totals? They seem to be generated right from the system.

Thanks for help.

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You can find order email template here : app/design/frontend/VendorName/themeName/Magento_Sales/email/order_new.html app/design/frontend/VendorName/themeName/Magento_Sales/email/order_new_guest.html

You have a order object that contains all what you need. You can find the class here vendor/magento/module-sales/Model/Order.php and find all the methods you need ex . getBaseTotalPaid()

In you template just put the code :

{{trans "Your total: %total." total=$order.getBaseTotalPaid()}}

In app/design/frontend/VendorName/themeName/Magento_Sales/templates/email/items.phtml the total is call : <?= $block->getChildHtml('order_totals') ?>

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